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 Airmeet, the modern and immersive virtual events platform announce the release of the Air meet mobile app. With the launch of the mobile app, Airmeet forges ahead in bringing hybrid and on-the-go experiences into the virtual events space.

“The Airmeet App is one of our critical investments to make digital events accessible to a wider untethered audience. We intend to provide a unified interaction layer for the digital event experiences.”, explains Lalit Mangal, Co-founder, Airmeet. “We envision an event experience where mobile attendees are seamlessly connected to the event, are allowed to continuously engage with speakers, and participate in the event anytime, anywhere. We want virtual experiences to be absolutely frictionless and ubiquitous.”

Available for both Android and iOS, the app facilitates single click event entry, dynamic event reminders, and enhanced engagement avenues between the on-stage panelists and attendees.

The app opens a powerful channel for increased attendee participation. Organizers can now make their events more engaging and meaningful and expand customer reach.

“Our app will evolve to achieve our goal of delivering a systematic ‘Year-long engagement’. The app will allow event organizers to start engaging their participants even before and after the event”.

 The mobile app is soon expected to strengthen its networking capabilities to make networking much more easier and comfortable for participants.



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