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Tv revolutionizing Indian market

The Indian television business is in the midst of a major transformation. When compared to the past, watching television today is an entirely different experience.

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6 ways to secure your hybrid workforce in the new normal

For many of us, home has become the new office and for a few, traveling to the office has begun. We all have adjusted well

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5 Must Have Energy Saving Appliances / Products for home

The world is making conscious choices be it related to what they eat, drink and use in their daily lives. People have started using environmental

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4 Apps That Have Become A Must For An Urban Household

2020 has been a year of change. From the world economy to how we live our daily lives, everything has seen dramatic change, and there

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5 Tips to protect your smart appliances from cyber intruders

Smart home devices have become an integral part of our digitally connected world. While these highly innovative devices have transformed our way of life in

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5 Indian Startups thriving in proptech industry using Deep technology

 The convenience offered by the new age technologies has rendered a new real estate setup making it a reliable source for professionals to upgrade from

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Four platforms that ensure you a safe and delightful car buying experience

The COVID-19 outbreak is a difficult and challenging time, pandemic lockdowns and safety restrictions have pushed customers to shift to remote shopping and used car

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5 apps that can help you be your own Secret Santa

For most of us, 2020 has become more like ‘a year that was’. From lockdowns to curfews and stressful work from home scenarios, this year

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Must Have Android Smartphones for Uninterrupted Gaming While Multi-Tasking

Over the last couple of years, mobile gaming has levelled up with a number of live gaming experiences. Games with 3D graphics and heavy interface

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5 Virtual Fitness Companions that will get you festive ready

2020 has been an exceptionally challenging year for us all and while each year the festive season is one we look forward to the most,