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You probably have seen that your friends on social media always post attractive pictures on their feed, doesn’t it seem everything magical and beautiful. However, when you try editing your photos on the default editor of your phone or Instagram it is not the same? It is time to up your game if you are finding it hard editing your social media images. PicsArt is the app you need on your phone, a very accessible and easy-to-use app that can help you customize your photos and videos with ample functionality that one has never expected from a mobile app.

There are various categories to choose from in the app- Photos, Videos, Replays, Collages, Templates, Backgrounds, Drawings, Cameras, Free Photos and Colour Backgrounds. If you choose photos, it will take you directly into the photo editing studio, where you can add different visual effects, touch-ups and other edits. One category that I am really interested in this app is the Collage section where PicsArt gives you quite a lot of options. You can have many choices to choose either Grids, the standard collage layout; Freestyle, which gives you the opportunity to make your own composition by moving photos in your set desire; or Frames, which gives you a set-layout with numerous themes to boot.


You will discover 80+ varieties of free collage templates and various compositions available on the app’s free version. The best of all, PicsArt has made it helpful and simple to browse the format and template alternatives dependent on the quantity of photographs you select. So, if you select 4 pictures for your collage, the app will automatically choose four-photograph layouts for you. How cool is that!!! You can choose some of the cool collage templates like the heart, hexagons, circles, diamonds, and lot more templates from the options available.

There are likewise 36 Frames categories for you to explore in the Collage category. You can choose your collage template for a specific occasion be it for a birthday baby, or any other celebration. The app has a collage frame for every occasion you can imagine and that is what I love about it.

Another most loved thing about PicsArt is its impression video editor that can help make a video collage in only couple of moments. I can add some really cool effects, stickers, fonts, free custom music tracks, and even resize my video collage for Instagram. PicsArt’s video collage feature is something that can make your followers go crazy. Now you can become a collage master just in few taps using PicsArt, so why wait!



Arbind Agnihotri is a young Tech Blogger running Hashtag Gadgets from his abode. He is a lover of gadgets technology advancements , does blogging, is a thinker, lives in the Web, A Graphic & Logo Designer, Photographer, and a Simple fun loving techie person. Arbind is also learning Web Developing and Application Development

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