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FYOOL, an outstanding cashback app has hit the android market, offering up to 50% cashback on petrol, diesel, CNG along with all types of wine and beer. Created with the intention to uplift the lives of overburdened customers in the current price hike owing to the unexpected pandemic and lockdown, the app promises to help people save their hard-earned money.

This creative venture is the brainchild of Mr. Raunak Sharma. He is a Delhi based entrepreneur who is neither a technocrat nor Management student with any high-profile degree. Yet a heterogeneous mix of talent, innovation and hard work. Raunak thought of taking an audacious move to do something different & innovative with a touch of technology and moreover which should connect people & their needs.

The Fyool App launched today with a magnanimous offer of 100% cashback to the first five hundred users who downloaded it within 24hours. It is available for download on the Google Play Store and for IOS users it will be available from next month. The founders take pride in claiming that the app is completely ‘make in India’, thus promoting the Atmanirbhar Bharat scheme started by the government of India.

Braced with a tie-up with many reputed brands, it has everything seamlessly integrated for ease of navigation and includes a section for click tracking that gets updated in real-time. The app makes it convenient for the users to easily track their cashback purchases and consequently helps build trust among consumers. An integrated cashback experience makes earning while shopping a unique experience. With a significant rise in Indian app downloads over the last few years, the company anticipates a large number of users to adopt the app.

While commenting on the integrated features of the app, Mr. Sharma further added, “The best thing is that FYOOL is highly functional and user-friendly. Users just need to click a picture with the app and update it after which the app automatically gives 50 % cashback in the form of fuel money that can be spent on anything like, household items, groceries, etc. One can even transfer it to their friends, family members or any user of the app.

The app currently covers petrol, diesel, CNG, liquor & cooking gas. The FYOOL cashback app is one of its kind in the market and promises to be instrumental in creating an additional income for the lower-income groups and housewives.



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