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Fortnite has always been in the news, whether it’s for hosting a $30 million World Cup last year where Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf won $3 million at the age of 16 or shattering all records to have more than 350 million users or turning $3 billion in profit last year or going up head to head against Apple & Google in court for monopolizing the App Store Marketplace. Global Esports, Asia’s fastest growing esports organization, is setting the stage and pushing for a come-back of this much-loved game to the Indian gaming scene, which was earlier primarily dominated by PUBG.

Epic Games gets a lot right and their Unreal game engine has been a popular platform for hundreds of thousands of game studios to build their games upon and not just games but even movies (Star Wars Mandalorian was completely produced using the unreal engine) Fornite although wildly popular across the globe hasn’t really hit it big as an esports in India with more than a 100 million Indians flocking to PUBG Mobile as their game of choice.

Global Esports saw this void and has started making a market push to engage the hundreds of thousands of users currently playing the game in India but don’t know where to go for more. From hosting regular, custom games to hosting scrims where pro teams can train for tournaments to even hosting tournaments themselves. Last weekend GE hosted the Global Esports Fortnite Invitational which had over 77 teams of 3 (trios) that registered and participated for a prize pool of $200. Although the prize pool was not very large the fact that the Indian Fortnite Competitive scene is now getting the support that it needs to give Indian Gamers the opportunity to shine and provide a competitive environment along with an ecosystem and a platform for them to both grow & showcase their skills was welcomed by the Fortnite Community of India.

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Fortnite as a game has immense potential since its highly engaging and fun with Disney like cartoon animations and clown and balloons along with recent integration with Marvel adding in your favorite super heroes to the game.

This active push by Global Esports is exactly what Fortnite needs to get into the limelight in a country like India where there are millions of gamers eager to jump on to the next big thing.




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