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Hafele launched their new Range of Washer Dryers which comes with easy load options and smart programs giving you maximum flexibility for your laundry even with different kinds of clothes like cotton, wool, synthetic as well as delicate fabrics like silk and satin. You also get the freedom from draining water from the condenser box after every wash. Hafele washer dryer combo is one of the most efficient combo machines with the condenser drying technology giving you maximum flexibility to choose time or energy saving programs.

Highlighting features of Hafele Washer Dryers –

  • 100% Dry, Ready-to-wear Result –Say NO to the hassles of physically drying your clothes; your clothes come out warm, dry and ready-to-wear; just remove them, iron them and slip them on!
  • Multiple Drying Levels– You can select up to 4 drying levels along with selected wash programs to get end to end washing and crisp drying results
  • 100% Allergen-free WashThe program is ideal for sensitive skin, reliably cleans detergent residues and other harmful dirt from your laundry, by special intensive heated rinsing.
  • Intensive Adaptive Stain RemovalMultiple stain level selection option helps to auto adjust pre-wash cycles and temperature levels based on the fabric and stain-level you select.
  • Customize Your WashThe ADD-ON options like extra rinse, pre-wash, extra wash and anti-crease makes the laundry care more holistic.
  • Quiet and Efficient Brushless DC MotorGenerates much less heat & noise compared to a standard motor. This results in atleast 30% less energy consumption as well as high efficiency and best in class performance.
  • Eco-logic SystemThe multiple sensors and microprocessors chipped inside intelligently identify the wash time, water pressure and adjust the wash cycle accordingly
  • Reload forgotten laundryYou can load the forgotten laundry to the machine in the middle of the pre-soak cycle before the detergent is dispensed.




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