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Indian Gadgets and Smartphone Accessories brand iGear officially announces Vintage Vibes – a Radio with 7 -band, Bluetooth, MP3 player and emergency torch. The Vintage Vibes is a highly portable audio solution for anyone who wants to enjoy personal music or tune in to their local radio stations on FM, AM or SW (SW1-SW5) with the liberty of connecting their gadgets for Bluetooth audio.

The iGear Vintage Vibes features a 7-band radio system consisting of FM, AM and SW (SW1-SW5) so that you can tune in to your favourite local radio stations or terrestrial radio stations around the area. It sports a telescopic antenna for FM and SW radio which can help with receiving radio signals even in remote areas, with ease. To give you the classic feel of tuning a radio back in the ‘80s, the Vintage Vibes uses analog dials and switches for volume control, radio tuning or mode selection. 

The iGear Vintage Vibes also features a built-in MP3 player and you can plug in a USB pen drive or TF card with your favourite music playlist to start a small party wherever you need it. It also features Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity so you can pair your smartphone, tablet or laptop to stream audio for a louder and crystal-clear performance. So be it your bedroom for soft background music, your garden for those instant kiddie parties or when holidaying with nature, you can take your Vintage Vibes with you and flaunt it in retro-style. 

Lastly, the iGear Vintage Vibes 8W audio speaker system has a 4-way charging method to keep it powered. It can be powered using the standard household 220V AC power lines or a standard 5V DC micro USB phone charger. It sports an in-built 1200mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that can power it up when there’s no power source. And lastly, when you are outdoors, you can also recharge it using the sunlight with its solar cells located on the top. And lastly, if there’s absolutely no charge, power source or sunlight option, you can simply pop in two UM-1 (D-size) cells in the rear compartment and get it up and running within seconds.   

 The iGear Vintage Vibes is a multi-functional classic, retro-style audio accessory for everyone. Ideal for your bedroom and those emergency camping and trekking trips, this solar rechargeable audio speaker can entertain you with music on the go. Thanks to its lightweight 853g body, compact form-factor, rechargeable battery and solar charging option, you can carry it around wherever you like. 

The iGear Vintage Vibes 8 Watts solar 7-band radio with Bluetooth speaker and MP3 player will be available for Rs 2,250 in a beautiful black and bronze dual-tone look, with a standard industry warranty of 1 year, on and



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