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KOMAKI is one of India’s fastest growing Electric Vehicle manufacturers, based out of Delhi. KLB KOMAKI PVT LTD is a trusted name in Bearings and Driveshaft Business since 1987, and it was in the year 2016 that the organization made a decision to venture into the Electric Vehicle business. KOMAKI is one of the most reliable and well equipped manufacturers of Electric Vehicles, offering best services at nominal prices. During the 4 years that the organization has spent in the market, it has established a strong dealership network – 200 dealers and counting.


KOMAKI ELECTRIC SCOOTY ‘’XGT KM’’ is one of the most popular models that the brand has to offer. The vehicle is trendy, comfortable, light-weight and the adapter can be attached easily to the socket at home or at work for charging purposes. 

The organization’s infrastructural units and warehouses are located in the Delhi-NCR region. 

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting the market, KOMAKI made a record-breaking sale of 860 vehicles post-lockdown within just one month.


  • To become the largest supplier of E-vehicles in the country, delivering highest quality products and after-sales services


  • To replace all fossil fuel based vehicles in the country with E-vehicles and create a cleaner, greener India

Unique product features

  • Batteries- Gel/VRLA batteries with a lifetime depreciation warranty
  • Lithium-ion batteries with a 2+1 year warranty
  • All scooters have BLDC hub motor
  • Komaki high-speed models have 5000W motor capacity and low speed have 250W only motor capacity 
  • The repair switch feature temporarily fixes any electronic failure in the scooter which enables the person to reach his destination or a mechanic
  • The self-diagnostic button detects any problem in the scooter and displays it on the speedometer, saving time with correct diagnosis
  • Reverse assist 
  • Bluetooth speakers with mobile connectivity 

What makes KOMAKI stand out?

  • Large Production Capacity
  • All Komaki vehicles are approved by major authorities of India
  • Vehicles can be customized as per the needs of the customers to achieve competitive market prices
  • Komaki has the widest range of electric 2 wheelers, with 9 CMVR exempt models and 3 high speed registration models
  • Maintaining top-notch quality with Japanese R&D


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