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iFFALCON, TCL’s sub-brand, is venturing into home appliances. As part of this foray, the brand has launched its first 8-kg front load washing machine to offer a seamless laundry experience to users during winters, perfect for an average Indian family. The brand-new machine offers cutting-edge features such as Auto Error diagnosis, Digital Display, Auto Drum clean, and Honeycomb Crystal Drum, all of this at INR 22,499, available on Flipkart.

Features to Focus:

The Auto Error diagnosis lets the user know if there is any technical error in the machine so that it’s easier to fix it accordingly before the situation exacerbates. With auto drum clean, users don’t have to wash their drums manually anymore. The cleaning process of the drum is totally automated, thereby making the laundry experience more convenient.

Honeycomb Crystal Drum ensures gentle water cushioning to clothes, thus preventing the fabrics from any type of damage during the entire course of the wash. Users, therefore, get clothes that are not only clean but also look as good as new.

Additionally, the newly launched washing machine has Inbuilt Water Heater that comes with 95 degree centigrade temperature, which provides a shield against bacteria and virus infiltration of clothes. This ensures hygiene and cleanliness, capable of eliminating engrained dirt from the fabrics.

The model is available in white or Silver, with LED Display Technology making it easy for the users to monitor the several functions during the wash.

iFFALCON has always been a brand that understands its customers, respects their choice, and caters to their needs. Since its inception, the brand has consistently introduced new products in the market at affordable prices without compromising its quality. For iFFALCON, innovation and agility are its key pillars that help the brand to serve its customers seamlessly at every point possible and be a partner of choice for them. The new washing machine will further strengthen its leadership stance in the market while giving customers more reasons to prefer iFFALCON over others.

iFFALCON is a smart TV brand customized for the Indian market by FFALCON Technology Holdings Limited (co-invested by global top-two TV corporation TCL Electronics and leading global internet content provider Tencent Digital), providing consumers with ultimate audiovisual experience, smart and quality entertainment. By launching a full range of Google-certified Android TVs in the Indian market, iFFALCON envisions enabling an ‘Incredible Smart Life’ for every customer. All iFFALCON products have a 1-year on-site warranty along with free installation with wall mount.



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