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 MultiTV, a leading video technology company has registered a strong growth of 100 percent y-o-y, driven by the massive uptake of virtual & hybrid events and OTT video technology. The video platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider has added 50+ customers across its portfolio in the past six months. Led by a single round of angel funding in 2016, MultiTV aims to touch $100 million turnover in the next 3 years. This success is fueled by the adoption of two of its cutting edge products- BeLIVE, a first of its kind all-in-one live online events platform and CREATOR, an end-to-end white-label OTT solution.

MultiTV’s BeLIVE is a robust and a scalable video platform that is widely used to conduct seamless virtual and hybrid events. It powers businesses to host events like Annual General Meetings (AGMs), product launches, trade shows, conferences, workshops, webinars, concerts, conclaves and meetings online in a seamless manner. Trusted by enterprises and brands alike, BeLIVE is the largest video capture and distribution service in India that has live streamed 1,000+ branded events. Recently, the platform was used to execute AGMs for four large corporates in India with a combined viewership of 7+ million shareholders, and the largest COVID fundraiser with 400+ million viewers over 3 days.

With over 15 million daily video viewers, MultiTV’s CREATOR is contributing about 15 to 20 percent of India’s daily OTT viewership. CREATOR is an ERP for OTT platforms and currently supports 100+ million viewers yearly. It is also giving businesses a platform to market their video content as a personalized viewing experience and monetize their content on their own terms.

With over 200 customers across industries, MultiTV is one of the leading innovators and providers of video platform solutions across the world. With services like BeLIVE and CREATOR, the company is creating a robust and next-level video ecosystem that simplifies video technology experiences for businesses.



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